Swedish/ Maintenance 

The Swedish Massage is a  maintenance or recovery massage it is typically a full body massage.  The Swedish massage is a restorative and relaxing massage meant to  reduce anxiety, muscle pain and improve sleep this massage can be performed with heated stones for an additional charge.

The Swedish massage includes: 30, 60, 90 minutes

  • Swedish techniques
  • Deep Tissue (firmer pressure)
  • Hot Steamed towels following muscle work
  • Stretching and traction
  • Spinal Rocking

The Hot Stone includes- 60 and 90 minute times only

  • Heated basalt stones are used to increase lymphatic circulation. 
  • Swedish techniques
  • Hot Steamed towels following muscle work
  • Stretching and traction
  • Spinal Rocking

The purpose of this group of massages are to increase metabolic exchange.  The massages are slow and rhythmical with traction and stretching to large muscle groups.   The focus is on relaxation and restoration.  

Treatments/ Rehabilitative Massage

Treatments and rehabilitative massages are for individuals with previous injuries, diagnosed conditions or chronic pain.

The Treatments/ Rehabilitative category of massages can incorporate one or several of these techniques into a session.  The work is often specific to the area of concern and involves the application of many different techniques to improve joint function.  

  • treatment focus - Slow Sustained Pressure targets multiple layers of muscle while shearing adhesive fibers. Best for reducing tension and pain while focusing on a specific area of the body. 
  • core stone-Heated cylindrical soap stones with rounded and beveled edges are used for soft tissue mobilization. Core Stones are able to produce deeper pressure than traditional round stones used in hot stone massage. Used for multiple area focus in the 90 minutes session or on 1 area for 30 minutes.  These are best for myofascial release.
  • cupping-Silicone cups are placed over a targeted area and pressed to create suction. The therapist then slides the cups over the skin increasing the blood flow to help release muscle spasm. Flash cupping techniques leave minimal cupping marks.
  • herbal towel wrap- Cooling and warming oils are infused in a steamed towel and applied to muscles following a massage.  
The purpose of treatments/ rehabilitative massages are to focus on treating a specific area due to injury, overuse or postural imbalance.  Treatments can be purchased as one session or used in a membership plan.  If you are not sure which therapy to choose your therapist will discuss your treatment goals with you and make a decision during your initial visit.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility Training is an individual session for 30 or 45 minutes that focuses on incorporating massage rolling with tools and stretching tight muscle groups.  The client will have a complete assessment of posture and given a series of massage techniques to loosen fascia followed by active isolated stretching techniques, muscle energy techniques and sport specific movements.  The purpose of this session is to educate clients on their possible posture restrictions and provide tools to increase their mobility and flexibility.  It is essentially a private lesson on mobility, stability and postural awareness.

  • Gymnasts- improve bridges and splits and shoulder mobility
  • Golfers- increase your golf swing and get more mobility in shoulders
  • Swimmers-improve stroke and shoulder mobility
  • Tennis- improve your serve
  • Martial Arts- improve overall flexibility
  • Any Sport that requires movement

Strength and Stability Training

I have been trained by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT).  I became certified in personal training to accompany my knowledge and experience as a Nationally Certified Gymnastics Coach.  My passion is strength development and conditioning for sports.  I also work with a non-athletic population on general stability and core improvement.  

  • Improve balance, core and stability
  • Improve mobility in joints
  • Reduce likelihood of injuries
  • Improve proprioceptive awareness

Just a few things I have been known to incorporate into my workouts:

  • kettlebells
  • loaded mobility training (sandbags)
  • suspension training
  • free weights and medicine balls
  • resistance bands and weighted tubes
  • Flexibility Training

Sports Massage

*Contact for team/ individual On-site Fees

On-site Sport Massage scheduled by text or email

Sports Massage is the application of various massage and stretching techniques that are applied following a periodization table of training and competition.  The athlete or coach should have a schedule of training times, competitive events and off season times in mind when they plan out their sport massage sessions.

Event :

On site Sports Massage: There are different times before, during, and following activity or training when sports massage will be beneficial.  Event On-site Sports Massage will be administered on location of training or competition.  Depending on when the therapist does massage for preparation of activity or recovery of activity different techniques will be used.  No more than 10-20 minutes per athlete depending on preparation or post massage.  


Post-Event Recovery: This type of massage is scheduled in the office 24 hours- several days following an intense workout or competition.  Swedish or Treatment Focus should be scheduled at this time.  The massage focuses on areas of the body used most during activity with light assisted stretching

Flexibility Training:  The use of flexibility training should also be incorporated into a sport massage regimen which can improve flexibility, neuromuscular proprioception and  muscle balance in posture.

Comprehensive Posture Screen: Photo technology screens posture from the front, side and back to see postural deviations.  The results are used to make a plan for treatment and goals to work toward restoring balance in posture.  Postural deviations can also help find root causes for injuries and general pain in activity.

Seated Chair Massage

30 min         $40

$5 min sample massage available certain days/evenings

at Bright Raven East in Victor, NY

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair for relaxation and comfort.  It is convenient and takes less time because the client stays completely clothed.  It is excellent for relaxation and more, depending on the technique(s) used by your massage therapist.  Great for addressing aches and pains in the upper body from working on a computer.  Its a great way to fit massage into a busy schedule.

Chair massage is an excellent way to address:

  • neck and shoulder issues                                            
  • carpal tunnel, wrist or elbow pain
  • Migraines

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